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overcome frustration, resentment and resignation
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is this you?

  • overwhelmed
  • uncertain
  • discouraged
  • unhappy
  • bored

some guys drink to deal. some numb out with social media or porn, abandon their families, or spend money on extravagant things. too many wonder, “is this really it?” 

men want vitality.

they want to wake up everyday with energy and purpose.

with the right skills, perspectives and guidance, it’s possible.

do any of the following resonate with you?

  • you fight all the time with your partner.
  • you feel lonely, even when you are together.
  • you lost the joyful feelings that you used to have in the beginning of the relationship.
  • you’ve had a major breach of trust in the relationship, like infidelity.
  • you’ve noticed that the spark is gone.

i get it. been there, done that. 

modern relationships are hard. 

couples want more closeness and connection with their partners now more than ever… yet many don’t have the tools, skills, or guidance to make that happen. 

why choose aligned on purpose?

while traditional talk therapy is a great option for some men and couples, for others it can be a long and frustrating experience.

choosing an unqualified therapist can leave you feeling hopeless and demoralized.

for instance, most people don’t realize that only one in ten therapist are specifically trained in couples work.

this is also true for therapy and coaching for men. it’s rare to find therapist or coach with specialized knowledge of men’s psychology.

in a field heavily dominated by women – 80% of psychologist are women – the nuances of men’s emotional, psychological, and relational lives are often misunderstood.

this leaves men and couples exhausted from spinning their wheels with traditional talk therapy that just doesn’t seem to work.

you need someone with specialized experience and isn’t afraid to be straightforward and direct to guide you toward your breakthrough.

with the right approach and the right mentor, you can change the trajectory of your life and relationships in big, positive ways.

a brief


meet donald, your guide

hi, i’m donald. with over 20 years of experience as a therapist, coach, and meditation teacher, i specialize in helping men and couples navigate challenges to achieve more balanced, connected and fulfilling lives. my passion is guiding people towards their best life, and i’m here to offer you my expertise, support, and guidance.

what our clients say

Testimonial Quote
“donald’s coaching and guidance has allowed me to free myself of unnecessary toxic relationships and promote my best self to my family, friends, and co-workers. i’m quite happy with the results.”

g.s., age 38, canada

Testimonial Quote
“when I first started to work with donald, i had a hard time expressing my needs. i now feel more confident in my abilities to address my needs and less fearful of change.”

s.o., age 32, texas

Testimonial Quote
“aligned on purpose helped me get my relationship back on track by teaching me the skills, tools, and healthy ways to talk with my partner.”

m.c., age 29, wisconsin

Testimonial Quote
“donald has been very helpful in my personal development. he provided me with guidance and tools to define my purpose and values, apply them to all aspects of my life, and monitor my personal growth.”

r.b., age 56, canada

Testimonial Quote
“i have had a deep transformation in how i see myself and how i interact with the world. one of the best experiences and decision i have made.”

j.d., age 35, arizona

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