my story and mission

like many, the pandemic turned my life upside down.

as the world changed rapidly and with immense uncertainty, my life crumbled around me.

growing up as the youngest of three boys in a largely single-parent household, i faced numerous challenges:

  • my mother struggled with chronic depression
  • our midwestern context was soaked in alcohol
  • i began drinking at age 12 and used marijuana to cope with my own depression

for 30 years, i managed a precarious balance between substance abuse and professional success, but eventually, everything came crashing down.

the turning point: breaking open and rebuilding

hitting rock bottom forced me to confront all aspects of myself – the good, the bad, and the ugly – that i had spent most of my life hiding. this realization showed me how parts of me had shut down long ago, preventing me from becoming the best version of myself.

my “arrested development” was most apparent in my relationships. it became painfully clear that my approach to relationships was both narrow and harmful, and i became fiercely committed to making up for lost time.

the journey to improve my relationships and become a better version of myself wasn’t easy, but it was worth every struggle. my transformation helped me evolve from a victim to a hero and, ultimately, a guide.

i believe anyone can embark on this journey, which is why i set out to serve as a guide for others.

my mission: empowering men + couples

i’m committed to empowering men and couples by teaching the skills, methods, and perspectives necessary for living more balanced, connected, and fulfilling lives.

my approach

i provide nonjudgmental support and personalized guidance as you navigate the highs and lows of your journey. 

my approach is collaborative, empowering individuals and partners to actively participate in the process and take ownership of themselves and relationship dynamics.

clients describe me as perceptive, warm, and compassionate… but they will also tell you i’m a straight-talker and a truth-teller.

it’s my depth of experience and personal style of coaching, combined with the Relational Life Therapy model, that sets me apart from other coaches and therapists.

ready to take the next step? let’s connect!

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