hey man,

feeling stuck?

learn you how to break free
and create the life you’ve always wanted.

is this you?

overwhelmed. uncertain. discouraged. unhappy. bored.

perhaps you are 10 or 15 years down the road with a family, a less-than-ideal marriage, a career that no longer suits you, and a body aging faster than you’d like. you have a ton of responsibilities, and not enough time. when did life stop being fun? 

or perhaps you are just getting started? you are in a new relationship (or disillusioned by the landscape of modern dating…) and a new career but overwhelmed or uncertain about what to do next. you are lacking the clarity and confidence necessary to achieve the goals you have set for your life.

some guys drink to deal. some numb out with social media or porn. some leave their families. some spend money on expensive cars or extravagant things. too many of us are questioning our past, our present and our future, wondering, “is this really it?” 

why choose aligned on purpose?

  • reignite the romance in your relationship
  • crush your career and personal life
  • wake up every day with excitement, confidence, and direction
  • create freedom and live your life by design 

meet donald, your guide

hi, i’m donald. as a therapist, health coach, and meditation teacher with over 20 years of experience, i specialize in helping men in overcome challenges and discover their true potential. i’m passionate about guiding people towards their best life, and i’m here to offer you my expertise, support, and guidance.

what our clients say

Testimonial Quote
“donald’s coaching and guidance has allowed me to free myself of unnecessary toxic relationships and promote my best self to my family, friends, and co-workers. i’m quite happy with the results.”

g.s., age 38, canada

Testimonial Quote
“when I first started to work with donald, i had a hard time expressing my needs. i now feel more confident in my abilities to address my needs and less fearful of change.”

s.o., age 32, texas

Testimonial Quote
“it’s tough to learn, establish, and follow boundaries for me. donald was able to help me identify and neutralize the relationships that were unknowingly causing me havoc throughout the day.”

j.b., age 38, united kingdom

Testimonial Quote
“donald has been very helpful in my personal development. he provided me with guidance and tools to define my purpose and values, apply them to all aspects of my life, and monitor my personal growth.”

r.b., age 56, canada

Testimonial Quote
“i found it very helpful to focus on what i’m feeling instead of why…it helps me slow down and focus on my feelings instead of obsessing over them.

l.k. age 34, Wisconsin

how to get started