empowering men to live a life by design: my story and mission

like many, my life came crashing down with the pandemic. as the world changed rapidly and with immense disruption, i felt helpless watching everything crumble around me.

growing up as the youngest of three boys in a single-parent household, i faced numerous challenges:

  • my mother struggled with chronic depression
  • our midwestern context was soaked in alcohol
  • i began drinking at age 12 and used marijuana to cope with my own depression

for 30 years, i managed a precarious balance between substance abuse and professional success, but eventually, everything came crashing down.

the turning point: breaking open and rebuilding

my breaking point allowed me to see all aspects of myself – the good, the bad, and the ugly – that i had spent most of my life hiding. this realization led me to understand how parts of me had shut down long ago, preventing me from becoming the best version of myself.

the journey to becoming a better version of myself wasn’t easy, but it was worth every struggle. my transformation helped me evolve from a victim to a hero and, ultimately, a guide. i believe any man can embark on this journey, which is why i set out to serve as a guide for others.

my mission: empowering men

i’m committed to empowering men by teaching the skills, methods, and perspectives necessary for living more balanced and fulfilling lives.

what i offer

1. NO COST planning session

a primary barrier to person-centered services is not the stigma, it’s “not knowing what i need”. this NO COST session allows you to figure out what your next step might be.

  • ask questions, get advice, and gain perspective
  • establish action steps
  • no obligation, no strings attached, and no joke

2. 4-session personal coaching program

  • comprehensive self-assessment
  • clarify priorities and goals
  • develop and achieve short-term goals
  • access to expertise and accountability between sessions via email and text
  • address negative thinking and self-sabotage
  • increase self-confidence
  • develop emotional integrity
  • improve relationships and communication

3. 8-session personal coaching program

  • includes everything in the 4-session program
  • target and achieve mid-range goals
  • customized support for your personal growth journey

4.  4-12 session couples coaching

  • collaborative exploration of relationship dynamics
  • identifying and addressing underlying issues
  • fostering emotional intimacy and connection
  • effective communication strategies development
  • practical tools for conflict resolution
  • guidance in reigniting passion and sustaining a thriving relationship

5. 6-month mastermind program

  • 12 ninety minute virtual meetings with like-minded men in similar life circumstances
  • benefits consistent with the 8-session personal coaching program
  • harness the power of group dynamics and shared experience to optimize performance
  • optional individual sessions for more targeted success

ready to start your journey? let’s connect!

don’t hesitate to take the first step towards living a life by design.

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