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October 6, 2023

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before i dive into today’s topic i wanted to share that ill be pausing my video blogs…

after 30 vlogs i’m feeling it’s time to change things up, which is a nice segue into what i want to talk about: embracing diversity of experiences for growth.

your brain’s routine trap

our brains, while incredible in many ways, have a tendency to prefer routine, predictability, and efficiency.

it’s a survival mechanism that has served us well in many aspects of life, however, when it comes to personal growth and realizing our full potential in a modern world, this routine-loving brain can become a hindrance.

routine often leads to boredom, disinterest, and eventually apathy over time. in more extreme or chronic cases, it can contribute to mental health issues like depression and anxiety disorders.

this is where diversity of experience comes into play.

breaking free from routine

to unlock new potential and fresh perspectives, we must break free from our typical routines and comfort zones.

doing things differently can invigorate our lives.

consider walking in the same neighborhood or visiting the same restaurants repeatedly. eventually this familiar and predictable routine begins to lose it’s interest and we fall into a state of disengage – but it also means you’re missing out on what your missing out on!

by trying a new restaurant or exploring a different neighborhood, you expose yourself to new ideas, perspectives, and opportunities, which creates potential for your future.

creating potential through change

the simple act of doing something different creates potential.

you might discover a poster for an event that piques your interest, leading to new and exciting experiences, opportunities and even new relationships.

it’s all about breaking the cycle of predictability.

and diversity of experience doesn’t always require massive changes.

it can be as simple as altering your daily commute or as significant as pursuing a new job or relationship.

the key is to embrace change and novelty, especially in areas that are important to you.


for instance, let’s consider a new meditation practice.

initially, you are extremely disciplined and get great value in a sitting meditation practice, but as it becomes routine it starts to lose its luster.

in this case, it may be beneficial to set it aside and try something else, like going for a morning walk instead – and perhaps even build meditation into your walk!

or not.

either way, you can always return to your sitting practice later, and it’s likely you’ll do so with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and new perspectives gained by taking walks.


embrace diversity of experiences.

by breaking out of routine and doing things differently, big or small, you open doors to new ideas, perspectives, and opportunities, and discover the potential that comes with change.

leading by example

as for this video blog, it’s time for me to switch things up and explore new horizons.

i hope you’ve found value in this content and i encourage you to sign up for my newsletter for continued tips, new skills and fresh perspectives!

wishing you great success on your journey.



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