managing speed

July 10, 2023

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glad you made it here. 

today i’m talking about the problem of speed – by that i mean how fast something moves over time.

the world moves super fast, right? 

our schedules are fast. the speed of transactions are fast. information flows super fast… 

before you go to bed and you can put down your super fast information device and then pick it right back up when you open your eyes – it even wakes you up! 

so your experience can easily evolve into: information flow, sleep, information flow, sleep, information flow, sleep… 

your life becomes a river of constant movement, a river of constant information.

self-improvement failure

let’s consider the problem of speed in the context of self improvement.

a lot of guys come to me after having consulted multiple resources: ted talks, podcast ad nauseam, books, courses, classes, you name it, but nothing seems to work. 

there are several ingredients to this failure, of course, but a primary reason has to do with speed. 

specifically, we don’t give it enough time to develop. 

when it comes to learning the issue is we don’t have enough time to integrate what we’re learning.

so your experience translates into having more information to talk about, but you don’t actually integrate the ideas (i.e. change it within yourself)

the fix

you have to build it in. period. 

the solution to the problem of too fast is to be intentional about building in time for integration.

my personal and professional experience reveals the best way to do this is by creating a morning routine.

for me, that means getting up before the rest of my family is up to create some “time” for reflection and self-study. 

this is key because we don’t learn based on our experience alone, we learn from reflection on our experience. 

you need to create some time to reflect on what it is you are trying to learn. 

SPOILER ALERT: you will never have enough time. this means you need to find it, which means you need to stop doing something else. 

if you build in the necessary time you are going to actualize the answers you are looking for. 

BONUS: with this time built in you are going to find answers you didn’t even know you were looking for because slowing down activates other capacities (beyond just processing information) like creativity.

upshot: creating the time to reflect on what you are learning and your lived experience is necessary for the integration of ideas and, ultimately, meaningful change.

until next time.

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