paradigm shift

September 29, 2023

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i want to introduce you to a paradigm shift—a fresh way of thinking about yourself, your health, and your well-being.

i often use the metaphor of growing a garden as a way to help guys see things differently.

the problem with specialization

we frequently get overly focused on our problems, narrowing our vision.

this is not just a personal issue; we see it in healthcare too, for example. the healthcare system, a product of many specialized minds, tends to target specific problems effectively but sometimes forgets about the person as a whole. e.g. opioid addiction

in our lives, we can fall into the same trap and compromise our own personal system by being too specialized or problem-focused.

the garden of life

now, let’s shift our perspective. imagine your life as a garden—a plot of land where you plant seeds.

these seeds represent your values: spirituality, creativity, integrity, environmental stewardship, and whatever else matters to you.

you sow these seeds with excitement, looking forward to nurturing what’s important in your life.

however, as you wait for your values to germinate, you start noticing weeds sprouting up. these weeds symbolize anxiety, depression, dissatisfaction, and various challenges in your life.

then, in our eagerness to eliminate these problems, we resort to quick fixes, like using chemicals on weeds.

consequences of quick fixes

the problem with this approach is that our garden ends up scorched and poisoned.

the soil of our life becomes infertile, and nothing is able to truly thrive.

we lose the balance and harmony a garden needs to flourish.

a new approach: tending to your values

the paradigm shift involves stepping back and adopting a slower, more holistic approach to your life.

it’s about tending to your relationships, spirituality, success, and accomplishment – nurturing your values – watering your values daily, giving them the attention they deserve, and watching them grow.

as your values flourish, they naturally crowd out the problems in your life, just as a thriving garden makes it difficult for weeds to survive.

now, it doesn’t mean problems vanish entirely, but they become less prominent, less overwhelming.

fruits of your labor

just like a garden yields zucchinis, tomatoes, and cucumbers, nurturing your values leads to a bountiful harvest.

you can celebrate by invite friends over for a delightful dinner—enjoying the fruits of your labor and the richness of your life.

TAKEAWAY: directing all your focus on problems isn’t always the best approach.

when it comes to long-term success, it’s wiser to step back, take a broader view, and ensure you’re nurturing what truly matters.

and by doing so, you create conditions where many of your problems become obsolete.

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