maybe you’re 10 or 15 years into family life with a struggling marriage, a stagnant career, and a body that’s aging faster than you’d like. you’re buried under responsibilities and not enough time.

or maybe you’re just starting out. you’re navigating a new relationship (or disillusioned by modern dating) and a new career but feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about your next steps. you lack the clarity and confidence to achieve your life goals.

wherever you find yourself, our individual coaching programs will be tailored to your specific needs and goals.

here’s how it works:


we start by diving into your current situation, challenges, and goals. this helps us understand where you are and where you want to be.


based on what we learned in step one, we’ll create a customized action plan with clear, achievable steps to help you move forward.


you’ll receive, guidance, support and accountability as you implement your action plan and work toward sustainable change.


whether you’re starting a new chapter together, seeking to revitalize your connection, or trying to pick up the pieces after a major breach of trust, couples coaching offers a path for growth, healing, and transformation.

it’s time to build the joyful, connected, and intimate relationship you desire.

relational life therapy

i use the Relational Life Therapy (RLT) model to help couples deeply examine themselves and learn new skills to create the changes they want to see in their lives and relationships.

RLT is a short-term, results-oriented coaching methodology developed by terry real, an internationally renowned therapist, author, and teacher, that delivers rapid and dramatic results.

couples who work with me are often facing painful obstacles and need to see actual, meaningful changes in their relationship — and they need to see it happen quickly. 


you’ll receive a “relational diagnosis” based on the “data” gathered in the first few sessions. you are kindly told the “truth” about the areas of your relationship that need change.


in subsequent sessions, i’ll takes turns “taking sides” – something unique to RLT – to ensure both partners feel heard and validated, helping each make their necessary individual changes.


the final sessions focus on skill building. we typically space out sessions to give you time to practice new skills and follow up on your “relational assignments.”

RLT offers a short-term, results-driven approach that brings dramatic and significant change. 

Are you ready to find authentic connection and joy with your partner?

planning session


  • no obligation, no strings, no joke
  • ask questions and get advice
  • gain perspective and establish action steps
  • schedule your free session below

power hour


  • targeted discussions for rapid progress.
  • gain immediate clarity through focused exploration.
  • receive tailored guidance for your unique needs.
  • ignite motivation for goal achievement.
  • establish clear action plan for ongoing progress.

4 week kickstart program


  • self assessment and goal clarification
  • achieve short-term goals
  • develop plan for on-going success
  • access to expertise and accountably between sessions via email and text

8 week empowerment program


  • all benefits from the 4-week kickstart program
  • overcome negative thinking and self-sabotage
  • increase self-confidence
  • develop emotional integrity
  • improve relationships and communication
  • target mid-range goals for lasting change

couples session


  • collaborative exploration of relationship dynamics
  • identifying and addressing underlying issues
  • fostering emotional intimacy and connection
  • effective communication strategies development
  • practical tools for conflict resolution
  • guidance in reigniting passion and sustaining a thriving relationship

round tables


  • 4-6 like minded men
  • two 90 minute meetings per month for 6 months
  • develop and sustain skills
  • optimize performance
  • create comprehensive growth potential
  • achieve all-around success

ready to begin your journey?

schedule a FREE session now

Testimonial Quote
“donald offers an eclectic approach to both coaching and mentoring which has really helped me address and manage a variety of issues that initially felt insurmountable. every session feels incredibly life affirming.”

a.m., age 34, new york

Testimonial Quote
“i was fortunate enough to work with donald during his startup phase. he knows how to motivate people to do better and align your compass to your needs. i cannot recommend or praise him enough for his support during a pivotal time in my life.”

g.s, age 43, washington

Testimonial Quote
“my wife’s affair left me disoriented, drowning in pain, and without a clear picture of what to do next. donald was instrumental in setting me on the path to understanding my pain and properly grieving it. he helped me uncover my own core wounds and gave me a framework to rebuild my self-confidence and self-worth.”

c.w., age 42, indiana

Testimonial Quote
“donald draws from a broad knowledge of human emotions and his own hard-earned wisdom to walk-the-walk of living one’s purpose and helping others to do so.”

m.s, age 51, massachusetts

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