relational leadership

June 4, 2024

relational leadership

hey folks, i’m back from my “blog break” feeling refreshed.

i wanted to restart by introducing a concept that has been emerging from my work over the past few years: relational leadership.

relational leadership

lets start by considering your immediate thoughts and feelings when you hear the term relational leadership?

what does it evoke for you?

how would you define it?

does it matter to you?

the heart of relational leadership

in essence, relational leadership is creating conditions for others to shine.

it involves the fusion of skills and strengths needed to care for and protect others (relational) with the purpose-driven aspect of masculine energy (leadership).

aligned on purpose

for many of the men i work with, including myself, relational leadership holds significant importance.

i believe this is because it aligns with our inherent nature as men.

as such, in the coming weeks, i’ll be dedicating my focus to exploring different facets of relational leadership.

i encourage you to come along and explore what relational leadership means in your own life – both in theory and in practice.

ACTION ITEM: get curious about how you embody relational leadership, and explore how you empower others to be at their best.

let’s make the most of our time and connections.

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